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Wow, I thought I knew about some roguelikes but just discovered Zorbus a day ago. Where have I been? I think I'll be playing this a lot. Great stuff here man!

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and siting on tron giving random bonus? is it either from books or some skill? and when my teammate kill enymy i get ex or him?


Sitting on thrones can result in either harmful or beneficial effect. It might help especially if you are surrounded by enemies. You Spirit-ability is used to try to overcome the throne's will.

You'll get 50% of the experience points based on damage that your companions (recruited, animated, summoned, cloned) have made. You'll get 100% if you have the Team Spirit talent.

damn thanks

ugh, i still dont know how to find and opend secret rooms


From the Search-skill description:


There is no dedicated search-command, you automatically search around you in 2 step radius when you move or rest. If there are no hostile creatures seen, Search-skill operates at full level so there is no need to repeatedly try to detect something. If there are hostiles nearby, searching is done with negative modifiers. 

Searching is hard in poor light, even if you have darkvision, so it's best to keep your lantern on if you want to detect something.

Secret doors and traps get more difficult to detect as you get deeper into the dungeon. Most of the best treasure is either in the hands of powerful creatures or hidden in secret caches. Putting some skill points to Search-skill is recommended.

There is no need to manually walk around the dungeon to search for remaining hidden areas. Once autoexplore no longer finds anything to explore, it will check if your Search-skill is high enough to detect any of the possibly existing secret doors on the map. If something is found, autoexplore autopilots you to the found secret door. You may want to boost your Search-skill with items, potions, or talents, even temporarily, for better results.


So, use autoexplore do detect remaining secret doors. Detected secret doors function like regular doors.


I don't get it. I am equipped with ranged weapon and ammo. First enemy I can shoot and deal a bit of damage.
2nd enemy - is marked, I press R, then A, also try clicking at the enemy, but my character is not shooting, just moving forward (for having a frail elf with ranged weapon, it ends as a suicide)

Why I was able to shoot at first enemy, but not at the 2nd? I tried again, survived, but gain, 2nd combat was melee, despite I had both ranged weapons selected and enough active ammo. 

Killed by a kobold, just because my elf did not shoot for some unknown reason.


Check this image. The [R] command makes a ranged attack against an enemy marked with red corners. The enemy is autotargeted. If you want to choose a specific enemy, use the [F] command. Note that weapons have a max range, and you need to have a clear line-of-fire to the target. Autotargeting automatically selects a target that can be shot at.

The [A] command is for approach / attack, it targets an enemy marked with red triangles. If the target can not be melee attacked, it moves towards the target.  The attack is only used for melee attacks, but you can still use the command the command for narrowing the range to an enemy, and then use the ranged attack commands to shoot.

See the rest of the tutorial here:

Thank you. Should I face similar situation again, I will document it with screenshots.


This is really enjoyable and I look forward to buying it once I get paid!

Strange, I can't get the game to load.  Is there an issue?

You mean to download or to start when clicking Zorbus.exe? Might be an issue with your antivirus software?

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I would start then stop.  Maybe I'll try again.

EDIT:  I got it.  I went to the website.

Loved this game to bits despite it being hard, got to the second floor regularly and got farther and farther.. but an update was released recently and now, the moment I leave the room, without fail, I'm swarmed by enemies. When I first tried to buy this game I accidentally paid twice,  but felt I got a bargain after I played this for hours.. after this update I feel like I wasted my money bigtime.

Yes, this last set of updates made the game hard in a not-at-all fun way. Walking down a corridor only to have the walls disappear and 10 murderous adventurers appear 10 feet away isn't a challenge, it's a giant middle finger. And not being able to go back up stairs anymore? Cool, guess I'll go back to DCSS. At least that game gives you a fighting chance.

Not sure whats going through the devs head but I hope it passes completely, and he goes back to remembering fun is not a bad thing.

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Looks so interesting, but, there is some bug with controller? I noticed my controller not works always (directional left stick). On controller screen for example, I can see that if I press left stick top up, it shows the point moving up and a "bright" up arc shows, but then when the point reach the limit up, the bright arc disappears but point still there (I mean, it detects, I'm pressing left stick up, but seems like game don't detect this speceficic position as for movement).  Is like there are some positions where stick is detected physically, but not for the game. I hope I explained correctly. I can try to record a video and send it to you if you give me an email or something to share a link with you)


What controller? It's been only tested with XBox wireless controller and Logitech F310.

If you can, send screenshots of controller screen / video to:


This is really an exciting game.  But I agree with Demnadro re undead. Perhaps you could Create Undead with ghouls, wights and ghasts? And you could equip them, a la skeletons. But not zombies, obviously. Anyway, thank you zorbus - I commend you.

nice game



Hi, playing with 64 sized tiles i think there is a bug, my character and other critters often turn invisible, but i still can move, see my healthbar, interact etc.

Also, it runs via WINE, but would you do a native Linux PC version ?



couldn't reproduce the 64 tile problem on Windows. Does it happen immediately after starting a game, or after a while? Have you tried if the 32 / 48 tiles have similar problem? I wonder if this is a Wine thing.

I'm looking into native Linux / Mac builds. Do you know if it's possible to share just executables on Linux, or does it always need to be compiled on the target PC? Do executables on different Linux distributions differ?



Check out AppImage for Linux. They're kinda like .app files for a Mac. I'm using Linux and the game looks very interesting to me. I'm also a developer and I was curious about the way the game is developed (frameworks, libraries, game engines, programming languages). Can I find info on these somewhere?


The game is written in Pascal with Delphi. The only external library I'm using is BASS for sound effects. Graphics are done with just Windows GDI which is barely enough for a game like this.

I just tried to convert my Delphi project to Lazarus which could then compile to Linux and Mac, but can't even get it to a state where it compiles on Windows. I've tried this several times before. I think I'm just going to give up on native Linux and Mac builds.


It's great! Best dungeon crawler I've played other than nethack. I want more stuff though! More dungeon rooms, more varied situations etc. Unfortunately once you've finished it a couple of times it's basically the same after that.

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I want to be able to remove my custom pregenerated characters.

Other than that the game is great, currently doing necromancer run and I shall say that he feels currently a lil'... unfinished perhaps?

1) The only undead to make are skeletons or zombies why can't we make at least also these bone snakes.

2) It's annoying to constantly re-equip your warriors.

3) If you enter the new floor you need to kill current and make new undead since your current ones are outdated models.

4) If you have more than 5 skeletons high chances are you will loose some during auto explore.

5) Skeletons are just another pile of bones and zombies just a cannon fodder.

6) The only spell is to create skeletons/zombies.

Possible solutions

1) Just give us at least a spell which makes use of animal bones to create these skeletal snakes.

2) I guess we should just bear with it.

3) Your undead progress together with your character?

4) Rework undead companions, what they do when far away, what they do if you remove them from squad, when you make them wait, e.t.c.

5) Abilities for undead? Actually I don't really care about this one.

6) Some spell ideas: (spell which takes uncontrolled undead under your control(welcome back in squad, boney!)), (spell which exercises undead(evil spirit begone!)), (enchant undead (a way to give undead ability or some kind of attribute)).

5 combined with 6 combined with 3) A spell which makes undead which will develop (lvl up, gain skills) and wont go berserk if you leave it alone, but it would sacrifice some spirit points  and/or vitality(why don't give an undead a piece of your soul which will grow inside him, making him unique, almost... alive?).


Thanks for the feedback!

Pregenerated characters (under the "past characters" title) can be deleted by pressing Control + Delete when the menu selector is on a character.

I'll definitely think about your ideas! Actually (2) is already implemented, will be available in the next release.

Definitely putting this on my list of games to play! Looks like loads of fun!

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After trying a whole bunch of roguelikes (including DCSS), this is the one that finally "clicked" for me, and I love it.  The atmosphere created by the sound effects, the tilesets, the AI and the dialogue is great. The game itself plays nice and smooth, with all the usual bits working flawlessly and its own additions fitting in with no issue (e.g. condensing everything down to health and stamina even for mages). I especially liked the various nods to other roguelikes and RPGs, namely the Amulet of Yendor having actual worthwhile stats rather than just being either wearable godmode or an otherwise-useless "you win" object like in several other roguelikes where it appears. Every bit of this game oozes love and dedication put into it, makes me wish I'd heard of it and played it sooner.

Started playing this a couple days ago in release 31, so 32 coming out and adding all these new features today was a pleasant surprise after failing my last attempt at ascension the night before. The sprite bobbing not only looking nice but being customizable is really neat, I left it as is personally but having choices is always good. I also appreciate the quality-of-life features, namely the blue summon healthbars and the info you added to the player handbook at the start (I didn't notice that summon kills gave no XP until I read that bit, whoops).

My first and so far only successful run was today as a gnome mage ("Redingles") with the Natural Leader and Team Spirit perks, coupled with spamming Energy Bolt at the start and then some of the better direct damage spells as I unlocked them. By the end, I was riding a tidal wave of hippo-men and skeletons in plate armor, raining down acid clouds, fireballs, chain lighting and banshee shrieks like nuclear artillery fire  on anything unfortunate enough to have/develop a non-green health bar within view. Ended up ascending by wiping out Mrogna with the above army, some additional figurine/horn summon spam, two elixir clones, hoarded attack wands and a ton of endurance potions to fuel the spellpocalypse. Ended up being a bit overkill, admittedly, but then again so is the process of killing most oversized spiders.

Special mention goes to the fact that you can just drop the starting staff and start punching goblins and kobolds until they explode into gore, provided you have high enough stats plus Health Surge to offset the beating you'll get back at first. Very few games bother to include any consideration for unarmed combat, so having it be a viable gameplay type instead of an unintended dead end is a real treat. Being able to punch everything from common animals/people to ethereal beings until they cease to exist is part of why I played so much Morrowind, after all.

I hope you keep adding more to this game, assuming there's any more room to add anything as it is. Either way, I'm looking forward to punching everything to death solo, one monster at a time, whenever the mood to do another run hits me.

Big thanks for the feedback! 

Sure! After all, since I've already gotten 57 hours of enjoyment out of this game (according to the itch client) so far, it's only fair that I let you know that you made something awesome and say thanks.

Belle of the ball this week!  Downloaded a passel of roguelikes . . . a dozen?  This was the best!

Thank you!

Wow!  My goodness this is a tasty roguelike - just loads of flavore.

Dungeons are incredibly well generated and wonderfully decorated.  Combat feels so solid.

I really hope this continues!

It is really hard to start with a mage.

This is a really cool game

Could do with a custom  race creator or something simple but it's pretty solid after you learn the controls