Release 28

Release 28 is out!

Full changelog can be seen here:


  • Support for ASCII mode. You can adjust the ASCII visual style from the settings. Uses truetype fonts. Press HOME to toggle between ASCII and tiles.
  • Mouse support. Tooltips when hovering over UI elements. For me, using the mouse feels very clumsy but it may be helpful when still learning to play the game.
  • Red flash on a creature tile when it's damaged. 
  • Endgame is now much more challenging. Previously it was way too easy to get the ultimate ending.
  • Dungeon structure changed a bit. Changed some of the levels from 128x128 to 96x96.
  • New interactive furniture: thrones and wells. These can now be interacted with and can provide both harmful and positive effects.
  • Crystal balls were previously just static, non-interactive furniture. Now the orbs can be taken from these orb stands. Orbs are devices and can be used like wands.
  • Better handling of friendly fire. Companions should no longer get angry at you or each other when taking friendly fire.
  • Critical hits deal 50% more damage (was 100%). Charge deals 50% more damage with shafted weapons (was 100%).
  • New content (items, areas, monsters).
  • Some critical bugs fixed. These occured very rarely but would have made the game impossible to win.
  • Huge amount of small bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Manual updated. More gameplay tips. Last page of the manual has some small spoilers of the dungeon structure and endgame.
  • Leaderboard has been reset.

Save files are not compatible between game releases!

If you enable the option "Check for updates on start" from the settings, you'll be informed when a new release is available and asked if you want to update. The check is made when the game is started.

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