Release 29

Release 29 is out!

  • AI tweaking:
    • Consumable / device usage tweaked, especially for companions.
    • AI tries first to target hostile creatures that are not summoned or animated.
    • AI can unlit its lightsource when fleeing.
    • AI can unlit furniture lightsources to ensure safe resting / sleeping in dark areas.
    • Companion morale presets tweaked, hopefully resulting in better survivability.
  • Killing friendly creatures no longer gives experience points.
  • Weakened the necrotic damage effect that can happen from sitting on a throne or drinking from a well. The old effect could instakill characters in full health.
  • Updated the descriptions of the item enchantment scrolls:
    • Armors: Every enchantment point decreases the enchantment chance by 15 percentage points.
    • Weapons: Every enchantment point, elemental damage point, holy property, vampiric property and on-hit effect decreases the enchantment chance by 10 percentage points (used to be 15).
  • Log entry when your companion learns a new talent (companions level up at the same time as the player).
  • Fixed a bug where animated / summoned creatures would sometimes disappear from view after animation.
  • Fixed a small bug in ASCII mode.
  • A new lore book, "Legends & Lore", a list of ascended players.
  • Some typos fixed.

Already a couple of god-tier wins in the leaderboard.

If you enable the option "Check for updates on start" from the settings, you'll be informed when a new release is available and asked if you want to update. The check is made when the game is started.

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